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DORO® Cranial Stabilization and Retractor Systems stand for state-of-the-art design, superior stability and high-precision manufacturing. Intelligently designed around user preferences, DORO® is always a good choice.

DORO®. Simply better built. Simply more choices.

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NON-STICK Bipolar Forceps

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Product Launch Announcement:

DORO LUNA® Brain Retractor System

The DORO LUNA® Brain Retractor System featuring the new
DORO COBRA™ Flexible Rotary Arms – a Retractor System that offers remarkable flexibility:

  • Quick and easy set-up.
  • Remarkable flexibility. Can be angled in any desired direction.
  • DORO LUNA® Curve can be positioned parallel to the floor independent of skull clamp position.
  • Stainless steel yet light-weight.
  • Featuring the new DORO COBRATM Flexible Rotary Arms for precision positioning. Easy and smooth movement. Stable after repositioning under tension.

Product Launch Announcement:

DORO COBRATM Flexible Rotary Arms

The DORO COBRATM Flexible Rotary Arm offers:

  • Smooth and very precise movements.
  • Stable after repositioning under tension.
  • „Clicks“ on DORO LUNA® Curve. Easy to use and move to the desired direction.
  • Provides 360° body rotation while mounted for extra flexibility in positioning.
  • Thumb lock - no tool necessary.
  • Minimized obstruction in the surgical field.

Product Launch Announcement:

DORO LUCENT® Disposable Skull Pins


We are happy to announce the product launch of the DORO LUCENT® Disposable Skull Pins.

  • For intra-operative imaging applications using CT, MRI, X-Ray and Fluoroscopy.
  • Designed to reduce imaging artefacts to an absolute minimum.
  • The composition of titanium tip and high-performance reinforced polymer guarantees a precise, secure and rigid fixation.
  • Sterile packaging.

DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp

Smart. Secure. Stable.

Get to know the latest generation of state-of-the-art cranial stabilization and fixation: The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp by pro med instruments (PMI). The long proven DORO® headrest system has gained some new features and benefits – for even more stability and security!


…offers the best solution for the most secure, strong and stable connection of accessories on a skull clamp, even over multiple layers of drape. It features a full 4-point linear direct contact Quick-Clamp with an inverse dovetail shape to match perfectly the wider and deeper Quick-Rail® of the DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp.



…is Navigation-Ready. The PMI Skull Clamp features two built-in starbursts for Navigation Adaptors integrated in the Quick-Rail®, which allow the direct attachment of movement-sensitive Navigation Tracking Devices closely to the patient’s head.



…offers improved ergonomics. With a wider and deeper Quick-Rail® the surgeon can easily locate the Quick-Rail® over surgical drapes during procedure to securely attach accessories. The clear and large interface for connections saves the surgeon time and effort.

Learn more about the DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp! Click here for more information…


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