• respect others and do it your way!”
  • I worked as an Export Manager and spent some months in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, working as Assistant of the General Management for a German company
  • March 2007, starting as Customer Service Manager. 
Changing to the position of Area Sales Manager in 2013.
Currently working as Director of International Sales since 2019
  • I am responsible for the leadership of PMI´s Sales Team and the management of the sales processes at the headquarters in Germany. The main focus is keeping up successful and long lasting relationships with our partners and customers, identifying sales opportunities and taking chances as well as reaching our targets
  • I am able to bring PMI forward and to actively contribute to the company´s success. At PMI, everyone has a voice that counts. We are able to put ideas into action. What I like most about PMI are the short decision-making paths as well as its focus on the future. I enjoy working in a young, dynamic and creative team, all the fun we have together as well as the trustful relationship
  • a good working environment & atmosphere, meaningful tasks with a purpose / you contribute to something bigger, development opportunities, respectful, friendly and humorous interaction, real team-spirit and last but not least fun at work
  • Respect, Trust, Passion, Accountability, Adaptability
  • I like being with my family and friends as well as doing sports
  • the world and human beings
  • people who proactively contribute
  • I love my Team and I love my job! Thank you PMI :)