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DORO LUCENT® iXI Headrest System

Multimodality imaging is without doubt one major trend in OR suites. It has always been our claim to spearhead into new segments of our niche and we will do so now as well.

Having experienced the complexity of these multimodality imaging environments and surgical approaches we truly believe that offering a technically advanced yet easy to use product will help neurosurgeons and their teams to apply their known routines and workflows.

The DORO LUCENT® iXI Headrest System increases diagnostic capabilities as it supports intra-operative MR & CT as well as Angio imaging. This enables the OR teams to run diagnostics on bone and tissue within the same surgery, allowing a faster and more precise treatment. Furthermore, being able to apply multiple imaging modalities within the same surgery will save time. Especially when seamlessly combining different imaging modalities like instantly fusing Angio and CT images or transferring the patient to the MRI for an intra-op scan.

The DORO LUCENT® iXI Headrest System is:
  • Easy & fast to mount, intuitive to handle. It will let the surgeons and their teams focus on what they do best: State-of-the-art medicine. 
  • Flexible. The parallelogram design will support them in finding the perfect position for their patients and the procedure at hand.
  • Safe. The known skull clamp design with ratcheting system will allow them to rely on their trained routine and known workflows.

The DORO LUCENT® iXI Headrest System comes with the DORO LUCENT® Headplate, which optimizes the clinical workflow as the clinical staff can now position the patient as required for surgery before starting the actual pinning procedure. This renders further movements of the sedated patient unnecessary, resulting in reduced procedural risk, less stress for the patient and more convenience for the surgeon and his OR team.