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DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp and Rail-It! Accessories

QR3 stands for the 3rd Generation of
DORO® Quick-Rail® Skull Clamps

This 3rd GEN Quick-Rail® (25mm) = QR3
is a greatly improved design offering the market the best solution for the most secure, strong and stable connection of accessories on a skull clamp, even over multiple layers of drape.

The 2nd GEN Quick-Rail® (12mm)
was molded into the cast of the DORO® Skull Clamp.

The 1st GEN Quick-Rail® (12mm)
was bolted on the body of the DORO® Skull Clamp.


The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp - PMI's latest neuro had clamp - features two built-in starbursts (integrated in Quick-Rail®) for Navigation Adaptors, which allow direct attachment of movement-sensitive Navigation Tracking Devices close to the patients head.

DORO® Navigation Adaptors are supporting stryker® surgical navigation systems, Brainlab cranial neuronavigation systems and Medtronic surgical navigation systems.

The QR3 features a third generation of Quick-Rail® technology. The Quick-Rail® technology was developed by pro med instruments GmbH in 2007 and a patent was issued for its novel technical features of attaching accessories directly to a skull clamp. 

The DORO® Quick-Clamp features a form-fitting connection for a solid and secure fixation to any DORO® Skull Clamp Quick-Rail®. The dovetail shape of the DORO® Quick-Rail® and the inverse dovetail shape of the DORO® Quick-Clamp form the most secure, strong and stable unit for attaching accessories like Brain Retractors, Head frame accessories, neuro navigation devices and other accessories for neurosurgical procedures.