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DORO® Easy Connect Navigation Adaptors

  • connect directly to the integrated navigation starburst on the Quick-Rail® of all DORO® QR3 Skull Clamps
  • provide a very stable and secure connection of the navigation interface
  • allows the user to position the reference frame very close to the surgical target
  • DORO® Navigation Adaptors are supporting stryker® surgical navigation systems, Brainlab cranial neuronavigation systems and Medtronic surgical navigation systems
DORO® Easy Connect Navigation Adaptor Stryker®
Item-No. 1204.001

for stryker® Neuro Navigation Devices

DORO® Easy Connect Navigation Adaptor Brainlab
Item-No. 1204.002

for Brainlab Neuro Navigation Devices

DORO® Easy Connect Navigation Adaptor Medtronic
Item-No. 1204.003

for Medtronic Neuro Navigation Devices

The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp features two built-in starbursts for Navigation Adaptors, which allow direct attachment of movement-sensitive Navigation Tracking Devices to the QR3 Quick-Rail®. Increased navigation precision.

The DORO® Quick-Clamp allows an easy and secure attachment of the Easy Connect Navigation Adaptors.

DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptors

  • Radiolucent Navigation Adaptors for the DORO® Radiolucent Skull Clamp for intra-operative imaging applications.
DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptor, Stryker®
Item-No. 3033-64
DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptor, Medtronic
Item-No. 3033-65
DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptor, Brainlab
Item-No. 3033-66

for Brainlab Reference Array 19145-01
with or without elongation 19145-02

Directly mount your Navigation Tracking Device to the DORO® Quick-Rail® by means of the DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptors. Shorter distances increase navigation precision. Adaptors for several navigation device manufacturers are available.

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