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DORO® Accessories

DORO® Lubricant HP500    

High Performance Intrument Care Oil
Item-No. 1001.999
Item-No. 1001.998 (six-pack)

Autoclavable and accurately applicable. Keep your DORO products in good shape!

DORO® Accessories

DORO® Crossbar Adaptor    

Item-No. 3007-00

For surgical procedures requiring sitting positions, adjustable.



Universal Side Rail Fitting    

Item-No. 3007-50

For the attachment of the DORO® Crossbar Adaptor and Armrest Parkbench to the OR table.



Table Adaptor

Item-No. 3010-00

Mounted on square hole of the OR table lacking table rod slots.



DORO® Side Rail Adaptor

Item-No. 3011-00

Mounted on side rails of OR table lacking base unit rod inserts.



DORO® Side Rail Adaptor Amsco®

Item-No. 3011-10

Mounted on side rails of OR table lacking base unit rod inserts.
Fits Steris® Amsco® Model 3080 and 3085



Cervical Spine Support

Item-No. 3012-00

Neck support for anterior spine surgery.



Headrest Wall Storage

Item-No. 3013-00

Holds complete Aluminum or Teflon Headrest System: Base Unit, Swivel Adaptor, Skull Clamp.  Also holds other head holder and head clamp accesories:  Horse Shoe Headrest, Head Support, Ball Swivel Adaptor, Crossbar Adaptor.  32” w x 37” h.  Matt silver finish.



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