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DORO® Quick-Clamp Halo Retractor System
(shown with DORO
® QR3 Skull Clamp)

Item-No. 1202.100T

Key Features
  • Double-hinged Halo.
  • Split Rings allow angling for different level of retraction. Half Ring can be removed for greater access to the surgical field.
  • Attaches directly to the Quick-Rail® of the DORO®
    Skull Clamp via Quick-Clamps.
  • Available in two configurations: Quick-Clamp and
    C-Clamp version.
  • Flexible Arms provide continuous adjustment of brain retraction and hold spatulas securely in place.
  • Blades in macro, micro, curved, tapered, serrated provide fine adjustments.
  • 1202.100T features Flexible Rotary Arms with full 360°
    rotation. Replaces Item-No. 3101-00.

DORO® Halo Brain Retractor System w/ C-Clamps

(shown with DORO
® QR3 Skull Clamp)

Item-No. 3100-00  

Key Features
  • For standard skull clamps without Quick-Rail®:
    C-Clamp Adaptors to fix the support rods to
    standard skull clamps.
  • For other key features of the halo and accessories see Item-No. 1202.100T.

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