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2015 Innovation Award for DORO LUNA® Brain Retractor and DORO COBRA® Flexible Arms

The BioMed Technology Foundation of Freiburg honored the innovative DORO LUNA® Brain Retractor System and the DORO COBRA® Retractor Arms with the '2015 Freiburg Innovation Award'.

The award-winning DORO LUNA® Retractor System solves together with the also awarded DORO COBRA® Retractor arms a number of challenges that are brought along neurosurgical procedures. The System offers an ergonomic, comfortable handrest to support the surgeon during surgery. The System is furthermore highly modular and allows greatest flexibility in positioning, according to the requirements of the user and the type of surgery. The innovative DORO COBRA® Rectractor Arms can be repositioned precisely and finely without losing the tension of the arm during movement.

The Freiburger Innovation Prize is presented by the technology foundation Bio-Med Freiburg, together with the Freiburg based medical device company Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG and supported by Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau. The prize is awarded to outstanding innovative and exemplary achievements in the development of new products or methods.


Picture: Festive Prize Ceremony in Freiburg © technology foundation BioMed Freiburg | Picture: Daniel Schönen

Tuesday, 2015-03-17