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Product Launch at 82st AANS Annual Scientific Meeting

The 82st Annual Scientific Meeting of the AANS took place in San Francisco, CA, USA from April 05 to 09, 2014

Brand new innovative products were successfully launched at the 82nd AANS. More than 2300 AANS members from around the world attended the meeting and showed great interest on the new Developments.

PMI launched the new DORO LUNA® Retractor System featuring the new DORO COBRA® Flexible Rotary Arms – a Retractor System that offers remarkable flexibility and ease of use.  pro med instruments also launched a number of solutions for imaging, including a new radiolucent skull pin.  The DORO LUCENT® Disposable Skull Pin is designed to reduce imaging artifacts to an absolute minimum - a valuable benefit for intra-operative imaging applications using CT, MRI, X-Ray and Fluoroscopy.  PMI also showed the DORO Teflon Skull Clamp and the Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp in the QR3 platform, now both are navigation-ready with 3rd Generation Quick-Rail and Quick-Clamp – standardizing the platform in the OR Suite. Only available from PMI.

Tuesday, 2014-04-29