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Summer Teambuilding Event 2013: Building rafts at the Schluchsee

After the semi-annual meeting in July 2013 where new products and strategies were presented, the whole PMI team came together for a new teambuilding event. This time, the company members met at the Schluchsee in order to build rafts under professional guidance.

The Schluchsee is a dammed lake in the Black Forest. It is situated south east of the Titisee, being the biggest lake of the Black Forest with a length of 7.3 kilometres and a width of 1.4 kilometres. The deepest part is 61 metres under the sea surface. The task in this teambuilding event was to construct floatable rafts by means of barrels, wood planks, few bolts, ropes and ratchet straps. There were no instructions or drawings.  All materials were piled in a heap. This project focused on all PMI members’ creativity, motivation, team work and fun in constructing.

The PMI team met at the train station in Freiburg and drove all together by train to the Schluchsee. Fortunately, the weather was great, it was warm and the sun was shining. At the train station in Aha, a guide welcomed the team and guided them to the lake. Here, several groups with each four team members were formed around the PMI engineers. Then, the whole group considered how to build a raft with the given material. A plan was made very soon and a first prototype was constructed which served as a model for the other rafts. Now, all teams were able to build their own raft. Arising questions were answered very willingly by the guides – but only after solving some brain teasers!

When all rafts were built and controlled by the guides, each raft had to be named and presented individually by its constructing group. From songs to stories, from poems to pantomime – the PMI members really had some great ideas. After the ships’ christening, the rafts were put together and launched to the Schluchsee. Big surprise: The rafts were swimming! On the lake, some paddle exercises were done to get a feeling for the water and the paddles. Here, nobody stayed dry for a long time: It was too much fun to wet each other… A small rocky island was the destination, which was claimed with a pirate flag. Finally, the day ended in a nice barbecue at a nature camp near the Schluchsee. This completed the whole day and made it a perfect day for all!

Wednesday, 2013-07-31